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Cigar Rating Sheet

Posted on 05.30.08 10:00PM under Accessories

I put together this cigar rating sheet in the interest of cataloging and tracking the cigars I enjoyed. It is adapted from various rating systems to what I thought made a sensible system. The MS Word document is formatted 8 1/2 x 11 and I used a booklet maker (FinePrint or ClickBook!) to create a small booklet which I then stapled together. There are spaces for describing where and when the cigar was enjoyed, and some practical rating measurements. There’s even a space for pasting the band, to make it into a mini scrap book.

Enjoy it – and I welcome your comments.

 Cigar Rating Sheet

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  1. Posted by joe on 06.03.08 10:59 pm

    Add a question about stems and twigs…

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