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CAO Mx2 – My personal Favorite

Posted on 05.29.08 9:44PM under Cigars, Reviews

CAOMX2 BandI have to rank this as my most favorite cigar. CAO has always been a favorite brand for me, and maduro’s have always inspired me, so this comes about as close to a perfect smoke.

CAO is a quality brand, with lots of diverse, full flavors in their “Brazillia” and “Italia” lines. I also appreciate that their full bodied smokes are available in smaller sizes – perfect for winter days when a full hour outside is just too much to handle.

The MX2 is a double maduro – maduro wrapper around a maduro binder. I usually get it in a corona size for around 4 bux (again, at the local super market, which has a nice humidor.) I also enjoy their “Dagger” size which is a very petite 36 x 4″ or so.

Always well constructed, occasionally a little tough to draw, moderately priced and consistently good full flavor. About as close to perfection as they come.

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  1. Posted by marc on 06.09.08 12:07 pm

    This cigar is not for amatuers!

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