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Lost another Torch to TSA

Posted on 05.26.08 8:49PM under Accessories

TSA LogoWell, I lost another lighter to the TSA. On the way down to Orlando I had the foresight to pack my cigars, lighter and cutter in my checked packages. On the way home, I slipped my three-jet torch into my cigar case, along with two cutters into my laptop backpack. They pulled my carry-ons and took my lighter. The guy was nice enough about it, but now I am stuck with matches.

This is the second torch I’ve lost.

When you travel by air, pack your lighters, or mail ahead.

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  1. Posted by joe on 05.27.08 10:04 pm

    Too bad, we will miss the torch while some govt employee in Orlando is selling it on ebay.

    If the Govt wants a win-win situation, they should install self service post office vending machine, (packaging, stamps, bubble envelopes, and a drop box) at each security checkpoint.

    Rather then encouraging industrious underpaid workers to steal from vulnerable travelers, the govt can profit from this sham by giving people the option to pay 5 bucks to ship their items home.
    I am surprised that UPS and FED-EX have not pursued this business line.

  2. Posted by Marc on 05.28.08 3:37 pm

    I lost a cutter at One Federal Plaza. It confiscated by the security team. It is classified as a dangerous weapon. The only danger I see is trying to cut a cigar without a good cutter.

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