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Diablo – Our Everyday Favorite

Posted on 05.23.08 9:52PM under Cigars, Reviews

Diablo LabelWe got a great BOGO deal on Diablo Picantes recently from famous-smoke-shop. You get 40 petitish corona size (5×40) for $80 – and another box for free. So, 80 cigars for 80 bux. This is a nice 40 minute smoke that has a consistently full flavor in a nice dark wrapper.

This is a nice every day cigar – consistent flavor, good burn, very pleasing smoke. At $2 a stick, its a  good value. At $1 a stick – a bargain.

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  1. Posted by Marc on 05.28.08 5:11 pm

    Had another one today. It is just great.

    Bold, full-bodied and dark smoke.

  2. Posted by joe on 06.03.08 10:55 pm

    Lets keep an eye out for another deal on this one…

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