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Cigar Rating Sheet

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I put together this cigar rating sheet in the interest of cataloging and tracking the cigars I enjoyed. It is adapted from various rating systems to what I thought made a sensible system. The MS Word document is formatted 8 1/2 x 11 and I used a booklet maker (FinePrint or ClickBook!) to create a small booklet which I then stapled together. There are spaces for describing where and when the cigar was enjoyed, and some practical rating measurements. There’s even a space for pasting the band, to make it into a mini scrap book.

Enjoy it – and I welcome your comments.

 Cigar Rating Sheet

CAO Mx2 – My personal Favorite

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CAOMX2 BandI have to rank this as my most favorite cigar. CAO has always been a favorite brand for me, and maduro’s have always inspired me, so this comes about as close to a perfect smoke.

CAO is a quality brand, with lots of diverse, full flavors in their “Brazillia” and “Italia” lines. I also appreciate that their full bodied smokes are available in smaller sizes – perfect for winter days when a full hour outside is just too much to handle.

The MX2 is a double maduro – maduro wrapper around a maduro binder. I usually get it in a corona size for around 4 bux (again, at the local super market, which has a nice humidor.) I also enjoy their “Dagger” size which is a very petite 36 x 4″ or so.

Always well constructed, occasionally a little tough to draw, moderately priced and consistently good full flavor. About as close to perfection as they come.

Nicaragua: Strong Like Bull

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I like strong cigars and this Joya De Nicaragua sure delivers. Dont expect a lot of diverse flavor – just consistent strength through out and from cigar to cigar.

This brand is available in a variety of sizes, from Corona to a long 7″ x 50. If you are new to full flavor, you might want to start with a short one. My only complaint is that these are shipped “naked” without the celophane protection which I prefer, so take careful care of them or they will bruise and unroll.

Perdomo Super Fatty

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Cuban ParejoI ran across a hot closeout deal on these FAT Cuban Parejo at (imagine that) my local supermarket – the subject of a future post. For $6 I got three of these 4.5 x 60 ring nuggets. Apart from a nice full flavor, these babies had possibly the best draw of any cigar I’ve ever enjoyed. A good 40 minute smoke with my buds for only $6.

If you run across these – snatch them up. I’ve noticed them in closeout lately, but not in this size.

Lost another Torch to TSA

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TSA LogoWell, I lost another lighter to the TSA. On the way down to Orlando I had the foresight to pack my cigars, lighter and cutter in my checked packages. On the way home, I slipped my three-jet torch into my cigar case, along with two cutters into my laptop backpack. They pulled my carry-ons and took my lighter. The guy was nice enough about it, but now I am stuck with matches.

This is the second torch I’ve lost.

When you travel by air, pack your lighters, or mail ahead.

Diablo – Our Everyday Favorite

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Diablo LabelWe got a great BOGO deal on Diablo Picantes recently from famous-smoke-shop. You get 40 petitish corona size (5×40) for $80 – and another box for free. So, 80 cigars for 80 bux. This is a nice 40 minute smoke that has a consistently full flavor in a nice dark wrapper.

This is a nice every day cigar – consistent flavor, good burn, very pleasing smoke. At $2 a stick, its a  good value. At $1 a stick – a bargain.

Cigarz @ City Walk

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If you visit Orlando’s Universal Studios, be sure to stop by Cigarz at City Walk. They have an excellent selection at reasonable (for a cigar bar) prices. Nice decor, knowledgable staff.

Tell them “We Love Cigars.COM” sent you. They won’t know anything about us, but tell them anyway.


Camacho Triple Maduro

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I managed to track down one of Camacho’s Super Premium Triple Maduro cigars in Rothchild size (54 x 4.5″) Being a full flavored junkie, this cigar is particularly appealing to me. I’m a big fan of the Camacho “Black” Coyolar cigar, which is strong-strong-strong.M3Label

Triple Maduro means maduro filler, binder and wrapper. The magazine ad talked about how difficult a blend this was, and how the cigar might not burn perfectly. Still, I was excited to try it.

The Triple Maduro (M3) had a full flavor as expected, but was far smoother than the black. As mentioned in the magazine ad, the cigar required a re-light half way through. The flavor was consistent throughout and gave a pleasant buzz, without any bitterness.

I look forward to my next M3, perhaps in the larger torpedo size.

Welcome to We Love Cigars

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This is a blog about cigars.

Ratings, thoughts, general info.

We’re just getting started, so if you too love cigars, stop back again soon.